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Logical Limitations versus Living Your Relationship Dreams

Updated: Apr 14, 2022

“If God had meant man to fly, he would have given him wings.” -Bishop Milton Wright

Bishop Milton Wright, the founder of Huntingdon College in Huntingdon, Indiana, in the quote above, pointed out in a sermon he delivered in 1890 what he believed to be a self-evident truth. The problem with self evident truths is that although they seem logical and practical, they usually speak in terms of limitations versus terms of possibility.

Some people though, are not good at accepting limiting, and supposedly self-evident truths. There are those who prefer to do the impossible, like two of Bishop Wright’s sons, who thirteen years later built and flew the first successful, man powered, heavier-than-air flying machine. You have heard of them, their names were Wilbur and Orville.

It is difficult to go against the current, but human beings have natural personality tendencies that tell them they should strive past the world's assumed limitations. Consider for example color personality tendencies from the Primary Colors Relationship Personality Test that whisper to people, "Yes you can."

A purple color personality tendency is to say, “If we put our heads together and give it everything we've got, we can do it.”

A green color personality tendency is to say, “YES, I will believe in the dreams that fill my heart.”

A red color personality tendency is to say, "I can do anything I am determined to do!" A yellow color personality tendency is to say, "YOU can do it. I believe in you!"

A blue color personality tendency is to say, "I can find a way to solve any problem."

Or a orange color personality tendency is to say, "Doing the impossible is FUN!"

The point is down deep within each of us, no matter our core personality tendencies, the is a seed of belief is doing what others deem impossible.

Tendencies are one thing, but are they enough? Sadly the answer is NO. There is a most important step that is required, to lived the dreams we are naturally wired to believe in. It is called ACTION. Let's take relationships for example. If you have a dream that your relationship COULD BE all the you dream it can be, then what actions are you prepared to take to bring that dream to reality?

Often people do take the actions necessary to make their relationship dreams come true because they don't know exactly what those actions are. After over 45 years as a relationship and personality expert and counselor, I have seen the frustration and feelings of helplessness because people don't know how to heal and strengthen their relationships and don't know the steps to take to bring their relationship dreams into reality.

That is why I took 45 years of experience and expertise and compiled it into and easy to understand and implement program that will provide you will all the answers you need to create the healthy, happy and loving relationship of your dreams. It is a comprehensive ONLINE relationship program designed to take only five to ten minutes a day. You can do the program on your computer, tablet or phone in the comfort of your home, on the commute to work, or any time that is convenient for you. I am very excited to finally be able to bring this program to you.

Just visit: and check out a program that is guaranteed to change the way you are your partner relate to, and understand one another. For less than two visits to a counselor, you can have six months of daily exercises, video training and assessments that will give you a deeper, more compassionate understanding of what it means to love you, and your partner.

Will you be the Bishop and think and speak the only the limitations of your current struggles, or will you behave like his sons and defy all gravity that attempts to hold you down. This new comprehensive program can help you create the wings you need to lift you to your dream of a connected, powerful and satisfying relationship?

Dawn Billings is a relationship and personality expert, Executive Director of the Relationship Help Resort.

Dawn is the founder of has created Relationship Help At Home for people who want to learn how to enhance and heal their relationship inexpensively from the comfort of their own home. Dawn has been working with individuals and couples for over 45 years and authored15 books.

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