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What are the Categories of Thought?

Categories of Thought


  1. Envisioning Thoughts: (The Best of What I Hope, Want, Dream, Envision and Imagine

  2. Loving thoughts: (Loving thoughts calm us, encourage us, make more of us and bring us peace and joy.)

  3. Planning Thoughts: (The how, where, where of bringing my dreams to life.)

  4. Action Thoughts: (What do I intend to Do? What do I actually Do? What actions lead me the direction of my dreams?)


  1. Doubt and Worry Thoughts: (Most of these thoughts are found when thinking in the past or thinking about future. Worry steals your happiness and joy and never gives you anything. How much time do you spend worrying?)

  2. Fearful Thoughts: (Thoughts designed to halt your progress. Fearful thoughts are often paralyzing and never powerful or productive.)

  3. Angry Thoughts: (Thoughts designed to move your progress in the wrong direction. Angry thoughts will always cause you to feel unhappy, frustrated and distressed.)

Exercise: Consider what percentage of your time you spend having these thoughts daily. It is only when you are aware of what you are currently doing that you can choose to do something different.

Dawn Billings,

Personality and relationship expert Dawn Billings is the architect of Primary Colors Relationship Personality Tests and training. Dawn is the author of hundreds of articles and executive director of the Relationship Help Resort in Arizona where she leads private couple's retreats and intensives to strengthen, empower and heal relationships.

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