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 Remember the Love You Felt?  We Can Help You Find it Again?

Just A Few of Our Many Help Options:

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Relationship Help at Home is powerful and effective online alternative to marriage and relationship counseling created by relationship and personality expert Dawn Billings, that you can experience from the privacy of your own home. These programs will teach you an easy to understand relationship and communication system guaranteed to transform the way you understand yourself and others. These insights and skills can help you heal your relationships, cause to you feel hopeful, happier, more confident and more effective, personally and professionally.

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Relationship Help Resort (also know as The Healing Resort) was created out of extraordinary relational technology. After many years of feeling hopeless, angry, confused, frustrated, resentful and a complete relational failure,  I was desperate to understand why relationships fail. Well, I found the answer and out of those answers, I created a relationship and communication technology that transformed my relationships, and thousands of relationships since then. This unique and insightful technology is easy-to-understand and implement, and provides real answers to finding personal and professional insight that directly lead to relational joy, peace and happiness. 

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Relationship Repair Game - created and designed by Stuart Watson. 

Relationship challenges and conflicts are opportunities for self-growth and deeper connection. This 78-card deck and 32-page instruction booklet are a collection of the most effective relationship advice, tips and techniques used by professional Mediators, Couples Counselors and Therapists. This hand-held relationship coach will:


  • Guide you to repair your current relationship conflicts

  • Teach you effective communication skills and exercises

  • Help you improve the quality of all your relationships

Stop fighting

* No matter what I say, it is taken wrong and thrown back in my face.

* Conversations over small things escalate into heated arguments.

* My  partner has shutdown and withdrawn physically or emotionally.

* My partner seems frustrated or angry a great deal of the time.

* There is a great deal of tension between me and my partner.

* I feel like I walk on eggshells. I try to avoid sensitive topics.

* It feels as though my partner never listens to me.

* My sex life has no 'life' in it , and has lost its spark.

* I feel alone, even though I am in a relationship.

* I feel like the only attention I receive is negative criticism.

* I am really struggling to forgive a betrayal.

* I am at the end of my rope.


If you answered YES while reading the list above,

Relationship Help at Home

may be just what you are looking for.

Watch the video.

You need full and easy access to information. Imagine having 24 hour, 7 days a week, access to videos, books, exercises and articles that can teach you a better way to understand a those you love.


The more you understand who you are, what are your personal strengths, gifts, talents, as well as your weaknesses that cripple your relationships, your success and your  happiness, the better equipped you are to succeed and thrive.


There is no higher education for the things we need most, communication that can inspire, fulfill and encourage our relationships, whether they be at work or at home. I will help and mentor you to a new level of understanding and connection.


What You Need to Repair Your Relationship

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What Exactly is the Online




At Home Communication Program?

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This online communication and advanced personality training provides you with step-by-step solutions to your relationship struggles while comfortable at home.


95% of all couples who get divorced cite "an inability to communicate" as their motivating factor. Learn to communicate in powerful, effective, healthy

and fulfilling ways.


The Relationship-Help at Home Online Communication Program will provide you with pre-assessments and post-assessments, video training with relationship, personality and communication expert, Dawn Billings.


Along with all of the video training, you will also gain access to books and helpful articles, exercises and

once a week relationship coaching calls with an expert.

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Learn to Love Again. . .

Discover Your

Love Again. . .

What to Expect from Relationship Help Programs

Pre and Post assessments to help you understand where YOU and YOUR partner are relationally, and where you dream of being.

You will learn how to better communicate your thoughts AND feelings in an effective and positive way that your partner can hear, and better understand.


You will watch your attraction and desire for one another naturally return as the understanding, relational bond and emotional safety between you increases.


You will have your anxiety, constant tension, frustration and anger be replaced with insight, understanding, a loving connection, and rekindle feelings of warmth and passion.


You will enjoy closeness and lighthearted laughter again in your relationship.

You will begin to feel like partners and team mates, instead of room mates.


You will remember why you fell in love in the first place, and your ability to appreciate your partner will increase significantly.


If one of you is withdrawn and shut down you will feel an invitation to come out of your shell and begin to explore and open up emotionally again.


If you feel critical, angry and demanding you will build and strengthen emotional intelligence so that you are better equipped to communicate and listen in a way that is healing for you and your partner.


You will learn to forgive old hurts and disappointments and trust can be rebuilt.

Learn to Love Again. . .

What Does Relationship Help At Home Include?

# 1: The ABC's of Great Relationships Comprehensive Training

This 26 week program is designed to do a five minute a day exercise that helps you heal, strengthen, enhance and nurture yourself AND your relationship. We know you are busy, that is why we designed this to take only 5 minutes. However, you can absorb the information as quickly or slowly as you want and need. It is YOUR program and needs to fit your personality.

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 # 2: Primary Colors Relationship Personality Insight Tools

Our program is vastly unique in that we believe that it is vital for YOU to understand yourself and your partner. Most people do not understand why their partner thinks and reacts the way they do. Primary Colors is the only personality tests created with healing, strengthening and enhancing relationships and communication. These are incredible insight tools used internationally and by the most renown relationship researchers in the world.

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# 3: The Six Levels of Communication

When relationships break apart, partner's often report that they simply could no longer talk to each other. Ineffective communication cripples relationships both at home and in the work place. That section of the Relationship Help at Home training teaches you about what creates positive, powerful, bonding and interesting communication that helps heal, restore, enhance and strengthen relationships, and what destroys communication at it's roots.

 # 4: Additional Bonus Relationship Help Materials

There are work booklets on What causes Infidelity, Rebuilding Trust, The meaning of Love, how to manage time for yourselves, how to deal with the stress of children, how to keep your love alive, and assessments for you to discover where your relationship is at the beginning and end of the training, are you a good listener, how strong is your emotional intelligence, how to communicate with people who are very different than you are, etc. 

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Is this Program Difficult to Learn and Implement?

No! Actually it is really FUN and Interesting.

The stress and frustration you are feeling is much more difficult than learning this program!