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 Remember the Love You Felt?  We Can Help You Find it Again?

Relationship Help to Heal, Enhance, Renew, and Grow Your Relationships

Do You Need Relationship Help?

If you've found our site, chances are you are concerned about the current state of your relationship, or the relationship of someone close to you. I understand, relationships can be very confusing. There are no formal classes that teach relationship strategies and skills, and yet, those are the skills we need most.

If you are wondering what are the early warning signs of relationships in need of help, the link below will help answer that question.

 Do My Partner and I Need Help to Strengthen and Repair Our Relationship?

Couple's Therapy

Are you frustrated with your partner, or have you started feeling distressed or discomfort in a marriage relationship or someone closer to you? Divorce, separation, and stopping communications are not the ultimate solutions to resolve the issues among partners in difficult times. Codependency, self-esteem issues, family problems, and unable to give sufficient time to a partner create a distance among couples that puts them in a difficult situation. As such, no formal classes that teach relationship strategies and skills are available, but Couples Counseling Arizona allows partners to save their relationships. 

The Ultimate Guide Help Couples in Deciding They Need Counseling? 

Couples or partners who want to give new wings or one more chance to their relationship must attend Marriage Counseling Arizona to improve their connection level. If you are conscious and worrying, what are the early signs of a relationship that require couples counselling? Lack of communication, misleading information, lack of support,  distrust, envy or jealousy are early signs of a relationship falling apart. 

When there is no room for saving a relationship, you must try Relationship and Marriage Counselling Arizona; who knows, might it works or not? The counsellor will talk to both partners individually and combinedly to know their views or opinions about the relationship. In front of the counsellor, both partners start yelling at each other, it seems like they haven’t talked too long because of household activities and family responsibilities. We at Relationship Help identify that most cases were found to be that partners don’t have enough time to give each other because of various tasks at home or both partners are working. is a dedicated portal of relationships that helps partners heal and improve their relationships through open communication, spending quality time, and respecting each other. You can save relationships by attending online classes at Marriage counseling retreat Arizona. These counselling sessions are proven effective for all relationship types; whether you are engaged, have given birth to your first child, attraction fades away, feel lonely, broken, or can’t communicate properly are some early signs that indicate that a partner requires Relationship Help for couples Arizona. We stand beside you at all stages and provide better solutions for your personal and professional relationship needs.

Being a top, trusted, dedicated relationship company that offers engaging programs to help for couples in distress in Arizona reestablish intimacy, improve communication, revise commitments and make decisions. Try to discuss all the issues with each other before sleeping, as it shows both of them giving value to each other Logo.png

What is 

and What Difference Does It Make? is a relationship portal dedicated to the enhancement and healing of all relationships. At we connect people looking for information and resources that they need to solve their relationship challenges. Whether you are dating, just got engaged, had your first child, the infatuation has worn off, you've lost your ability to communicate with each other, or you feel so broken you are simply lost, angry and confused, we can help you find solutions for both your personal and professional relationship needs.


We offer a powerful and engaging programs that help couples, parents, executives, and well, EVERYONE learn to thrive and find true success in their relationships. At the core of Relationship Help programs are proprietary insight tools and proven methods for discovering your personal and professional strengths (and weaknesses).  If you are looking for powerful and effective ways to communicate with those you care about most, as well as, develop your abilities to dramatically minimize outbursts, relieve frustrations, and respectfully resolve conflicts, welcome, we are thrilled you are here.

Are You A Relationship Help Professional?

Are you are currently working as a Relationship Help professional and would like to submit helpful articles for our Relationship Help blog? If so we would love to showcase YOU and your expertise. We are believers in good information and making it accessible to all who are looking for relationship answers and relationship help.  If you would like to be considered as a contributing author please send us an example of your work and if we love it, we will be happy to publish you. All work must be original and not a copy of an already published article. All material must be related to strengthening and healing people, communication and relationships. Thank you.

Who Benefits from Relationship Help Information & Programs?

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Struggling & Stressed Couples

Strengthen, fortify and heal

your relationship. Find answers your need to rekindle your love


Coaches, Clergy, and other Professionals

Communication and Conflict Resolution Training for Leadership and Your Private Practice


Events: Your Church or Organization

Relationship Workshops and Keynotes for Events, Conventions, and Church Members


Relationship Help: Resources for Couples

We highly recommend the programs below to help strengthen and heal relationships.

1.  Relationship Help At Home ONLINE Couples Training

ABCs of Great Relationship RHAH cover pi
RHAH wider margins.png

A powerful, effective, and affordable 26-Week relationship and communication course, perfect for repairing and giving hope to your relationship on a daily basis from the comfort of your home.

The Relationship Help at Home Online Couples Training Program is a wonderful way to reboot, enhance and dramatically improve your relationship for a minimal investment of less than it would cost for two private sessions with Dawn. This online program was developed out of 45 years of experience and expertise, and allows you and your partner to do the work of healing and enhancing your relationship at your own pace, and in the comfort of your own home. This program works whether you do it alone or together. 


The Online Relationship Program is the best fit for you if you are concerned that you and your partner are losing that your connection and your communication is stressed and tense, and you feel disconnected. If you feel that your relationship is suffering, and you want to find the answers you need to revive it before it is too late, this is a great first step to take.

2.  Relationship Help Resort: Enjoy Individual & Couple's Resort Retreat Intensives

Relationship Help Resort logo.png

Escape the distractions and work one-on-one with personality and relationship expert

Dawn Billings at a resort retreat in Mesa, Arizona. A few days of focused education,

growth and effort can help you save your relationship!

The Individual or Couple's Retreat Intensive is by far the most powerful tool in my life and relationship enhancement toolbox. If you want an extremely personalized, proven solution for what's not working in your life and relationships, an intensive is the right choice.  Relationship expert researchers and educators from around the world have been using Dawn's methods for decades.


Dawn Billings, a relationship expert, with over 45 years of experience, creator of the Primary Colors Personality Tests and Insight Tools and author of over 20 books, will walk you through this incredible insightful healing process. You will spend two and a half days, arriving in the evening and working through the next two days. Spend two nights at the beautiful healing resort in one of the intimate and private suites, enjoy wonderful food, and be introduced to information you can use to transform your life.


This intensive works, and is guaranteed to enlighten you, educate you, and create a new way of understanding and communicating with your partner, or your money back.

relationshiprepairgame slidepic.png


3.  Relationship Repair Game 

Created and designed by Stuart Watson. 

Relationship challenges and conflicts are opportunities for self-growth and deeper connection. This 78-card deck and 32-page instruction booklet are a collection of the most effective relationship advice, tips and techniques used by professional Mediators, Couples Counselors and Therapists. This hand-held relationship coach will:


  • Guide you to repair your current relationship conflicts

  • Teach you effective communication skills and exercises

  • Help you improve the quality of all your relationships

When is it Time to Terminate a Relationship?   
How to say Good-Bye with Least Trauma, Pain and Hurt?

When it is time to terminate a relationship_.png

When you feel that you have come to the end of the road with your relationship and believe that you have done everything possible to change, grow and heal and yet, the relationship is getting more toxic and abusive than ever before? That is when you need to attend the Relationship Resort to learn to end your relationship with compassion.


Ending a relationship well is more important than beginning a relationship. Why? Because we are excited and happy for beginnings, while at the end of relationships our hearts are broken, we are frustrated, we feel like we have failed and we are angry. At the Relationship Help Resort we can help you create a respectful and compassionate plan that will allow you to say good bye without suffering many more years unnecessarily. Especially if there are children involved, you need to learn how to co-parent in a way that is best for the sake of your children.

Are You a Reader?   Get Started with A Few of Dawn's Relationship Help Books


The Colors of Extremes

Dawn shares the secrets to attaining and maintaining successful, loving relationships and the answer to the question, "What went wrong?"


CROSS Talk: Finding the Faith to Heal a Broken Marriage

Based on scripture, this relationship book shares how to heal broken hearts and create a strong, connected relationship once again.


The ABC's of Loving a Woman

This beautiful bright graphic e-book is the perfect gift. It is filled with the secrets that every woman wants a man to know.


Relationship Help: Training for Professional Counselors
Coaches, Clergy, and other Management Professionals


Professional Training and Development
with Dawn Billings

Advanced Personality Training for Organizational Leaders and Counselors

This training is for professionals who want to add the designation Personality-Expert to their resume and utilize the Primary Colors Personality Tests and Insight Tools as part of their training, classes or counseling.

"Dawn is an amazing coach, counselor and leader and has a wonderful way with people. She cares deeply about the success of other's relationships, both personally and professionally. Her personality insight tools are not only accurate, but invaluable. It is truly a blessing to work with Dawn. I walked away with more confidence, joy and drive to live my best life. You will be impressed with her expertise, practical problem solving skills and overwhelming creativity."

Dr. Sherry Roden, Owner

Wholistic Health, Roden & Co. LLC

"I attended the Primary Colors Personality training for Therapists. I expected to learn about the Primary Color Wheel and the six colors but what I received in this training was truly more than I could imagine. It help me indeed learn in depth about personality tendencies, but this training helped me better understand me and the clients I work with. Everything I learned put all of the puzzle pieces of all of my training and learning in my career together and helped make better sense of evertyhing. I highly recommend this training.

Maryam Goudarzi, LMFT


"Dawn Billings is creative and energetic. Her presentations will bring you tears and laughter. However, her training is down to earth, useful, life-changing and spot on. She has helped me so much in understanding myself, my husband, my children and even my clients. She doesn't just throw data and research at you, she weaves in through stories that you can't forget and inspire you to desire to be the best you are capable of being. I am proud to be a computer and design expert, but Dawn, she helps people reprogram and design more extraordinary lives."

Yan Hughes

5 E Web Design Computer Expert

"Dawn is fabulous to work with. She is very creative and sees the big picture. In addition, she has a knack for honing in on details. Dawn has both leadership and coaching skills that bring out the best in those that work with her. She is truly passionate about helping couples build, heal and strengthen their relationships, but she also has a passion for helping women grow their businesses and helping kids. Dawn is the perfect mentor and coach for someone looking to grow either personally, or within their business."

Kricket Harrison, Owner & CEO

Communication Coaching & Consulting

"I attended the therapists training that Dawn Billings offers to those in the counseling profession. I expected to enjoy a great training, but that isn't all I received. I gained such a greater and deeper understanding of myself, my personal and professional relationships but WOW, I learned how to better serve my clients in their resolution and healing processes. This personality technology is unlike anything I have experienced in all my years of advanced training. I would highly recommnend to every counseling professional to do this training.

Kathleen Barnes, LCSW

Psychotherapist and Supervisor

"Dawn helped me gain personal insights that made a real difference in my life. She can help you discover what is best about you and fall in love with it so that you want to spend more time at your best! We all have places in our lives where we have failed ourselves and others, but Dawn helps you understand the 'why' behind those actions and choices and helps you strengthen your centered core. She inspires people to make better, more loving choices and ultimately causes them to ask how can they contribute their gifts and talents, and leave the world a better place."

Dr. Allen Baldwin,

PharmD, THM

One of the great challenges of leadership is to work with, and utilize the talents of colleagues with different, often conflicting, personalities. To solve this challenge, Dawn has created the Primary Colors Advanced Personality Training courses to help executives, coaches, counselors, and other leaders to discover how effectively to navigate the complexities of organizational and personal relationships, and draw the best out of everyone they work with. 

The Advanced Personality Training is available both as a professional retreat and an online training program. Those who complete the training will be able to add the designation of a Certified Personality Expert to their resume, and have the option of being added to the directory of Primary Colors Personality Experts.

Explore More:


Relationship Help Program and Presentations for Event Organizers


Invite Relationship Expert, Dawn Billings to Share at Your Event, Convention, or Church


Looking for a great presenter with amazing information to share for your next event? Dawn Billings has over 45 years of experience working with personality and relationships, is a successful serial entrepreneur, has been recognized by Oprah Magazine and The White House Project as one of top 80 Emerging Woman Leaders in the U.S. Dawn simply wows her audiences.

Inviting Dawn to your church or organization enlivens attendees. Keynotes and Workshops with Dawn will provide amazing personal, professional and relational insights, incredible learning opportunities, laughter and inspiring, uplifting stories, AND they have proven to be life-changing, motivating experiences for everyone in attendance. 

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