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Relationship Help At Home Online Couples Counseling

Repair and Strengthen Your Relationship with a Powerful and Effective at-Home Alternative to Couples Counseling.


This program will teach you an easy-to-understand relationship and communication system that is guaranteed to transform the way you understand yourself and others.

What is Relationship Help At Home Online Couples Counseling?

Relationship Help At Home is an online marriage, relationship, personality and communication program that provides basically a master's degree in what makes relationships strong and connected. It also addresses the common killers of once thriving relationships. But the best news is that it is beyond affordable! 


While my couples private intensives at the Relationship Help Resort are $6,000 for two days, and well worth it I must say, and my private hourly rate is $199 per 50-minute session, the entire Relationship Help At Home program costs less than having two private sessions with me. Seriously, this is the good news and bad news, I am fast closing in on 70, I have a cargo plane load of amazing information and insights, an extraordinary professional resume, I have written over 15 books and hundreds of articles and I have personally lived through the death and rebirth of my relationship. Trust me. I can help you.​

disconnected unhappy couple

Lots of people have given me excuses as to why they are unable to enjoy a two day Relationship intensive at the Relationship Help Resort. Some of the excuses are very valid, some are not so much. For example:

I don't have time.  It's too far away.  I can't get time off work.  I simply can't afford it.  Money doesn't grow on trees.  What do I do with the kids?  What do I do with my dogs?  I hate the desert. For that matter, I hate luxury resorts.


Yes, I have heard them all, but I am a problem solver first and foremost so I spent almost five-years developing my new ONLINE relationship, communication and personality training that is full of my best strategies and step-by-step solutions to your relationship issues and challenges AND this program is now available for you to enjoy in the comfort of your own home. 95% of all couples who get divorced cite "an inability to communicate" as their motivating factor. This 26-week, five minute a day online program will teach you to communicate in powerful, effective, healthy and fulfilling ways.

The Relationship Help at Home Online Relationship and Communication Program provides you with pre-assessments and post-assessments, videos where I (Dawn) is with you in your home training you with forty-five years of expertise and experience while you relax in your comfy clothes, or take the train or subway to work, while you take your daily walk, seriously, anytime that works for you! I know you are busy, so the program is designed to take only five minutes a day. You will simply log in to your account on your phone, tablet or computer and the information you need to transform your relationships in at your fingertips, everyday, and anytime it is convenient. It is even perfect for those nights you can't sleep.


Along with all of the video training, you will also gain access to books and helpful articles, exercises and so much more. So now there is NO excuse for you not to take advantage of this extraordinary program. It's affordable. Only $398 for the entire program! It's brilliant, if I do say so myself. And it is my legacy work. This program answers all of your objections that are keeping you from a terrific, happy, connected relationship. It is the best money you will ever invest in yourself and those you love.

In This 26-Week At-home Course, You Will Learn: 

Where Love Goes Astray

We suffer miserably and unnecessarily because we don't understand the source of misery. What is misery's root? How do we weaken its hold on our hearts? Learning these important secrets is worth the cost of the entire program! RHAH programs will arm you will the knowledge you need to choose beat misery at its own game.

How to Heal and Forgive

In every relationship there are inevitable heartbreaks, large and small. You will learn how to forgive painful transgressions, hurts and past betrayals in order to feel safe, close, and connected to our partner once again. We help you understand the enormous benefits of forgiveness, and how to reconnect with hope and trust.

Relationship Blind Spots

Remember how you felt when you first fell in love? Conversations flowed easily, you felt connected, happy, alive, and hopeful. Now in order to reconnect and heal the wounds inflicted upon each other, you need to clearly see your relational blind spots. In this course, we will help you see where you have been blind to the needs of your relationship.

Appreciate Your Partner - And Yourself

Learn to see and appreciate the truth of who your partner really is, while also rediscovering and appreciating yourself! With the help of Primary Colors Personality Insight Tools, you will expand your emotional intelligence and transform the way you see, understand and perceive yourself and those important in your life.

 Relationship Help At Home: Example of Training Video

The training for Relationship Help at Home is interesting, compelling and life changing. It will cause you to think, grow, and let go of unhealthy patterns, as you learn how to better understand yourself and your partner. If you are ready to transform your relationship from frustration, resentment and anger to acceptance, consideration and connection Relationship Help At Home is the answer you have been searching for.

The Benefits of the Relationship Help At Home Online Couples Counseling Program


End Your Anger & Frustration

Anger is toxic for relationships. Learn the nine major categories where incompatibility can cause huge problems in a relationship, and how you can resolve important issues when conflict inevitably arises.


End Conflict & Outbursts

End the sad, terrifying, frustrating loop of arguing and fighting. Stop the yelling, crying, stress and uncomfortable tension that accompany the sharp, broken outbursts that are seriously damaging your relationship.


Get the Answers You Need

Find the easy to implement, step-by-step answers you need and want to heal and enhance your stressed relationship. Relationship Help at Home is like a masters degree in communication and relationships.


Heal, Connect & Fall Back in Love

Gain the understanding you need to reconnect in loving ways with your partner. Enjoy each other the way it felt when you first fell in love. Feel connected and in love again. Give each other more of what you want and need.

How the Relationship Help at Home Couples
Counseling/Communication Program Works

Relationship Help at Home is an easy, fun, and interesting way to work on your relationship every day. Our relationship exercises take no more than 5 minutes a day.


Complete All Assessments

You will begin by completing the Relationship Necessities written assessment. This assessment will give you a snapshot of the level of discomfort and dis-ease in your current relationship. You will complete this same assessment at the end of your training to help measure your astounding progress.


Do Exercises and Apply

Your implementation workbooks will guide you step-by-step through a series of daily exercises that are designed to take only five minutes. These exercises will deepen your understanding, ease your struggles and strengthen your connection.Your daily ABC's of Great Relationships exercises will arrive by email once a week.


Watch the Training Videos

Receive full access to our library of communication, personality, and relationship repair video training that will teach you critical skills and strategies that are guaranteed to enhance your relationships. Discover tools that will change the way you perceive and relate to your partner and help you better understand yourself and others.


BONUS! Primary Colors Personality

Take your series of 6 relationship personality tests of Primary Colors personality and insight tools. As a bonus with the ABC's of Great Relationship Program, you will also receive the $498.00 USD basic Personality training and the effective Communication Program. One set of six Expert personality tests are included for FREE! 

What is Included in the Relationship Help At Home Online Couples Counseling Program?

Relationship Help at Home is much more than just a daily exercise. It is a program that provides hope and healing for couples, a communication training program for life, AND comes with a ton of added resources and features.

# 1: The ABC's of Great Relationships Comprehensive Training - $598 Value

This 26-week program is designed to do a five-minute-a-day exercise that helps you heal, strengthen, enhance and nurture yourself AND your relationship. We know you are busy, that is why we designed this to take only 5 minutes. However, you can absorb the information as quickly or slowly as you want and need. It is YOUR program and needs to fit your personality.

ABCs of Great Relationship RHAH cover pic.png

 # 2: Primary Colors 6 Personality Tests & Results - $199 Value

There are six expert Primary Colors Relationship Personality tests. They are extremely easy to take on your laptop, tablet or phone. You will enjoy this process tremendously, but you will enjoy the in depth results that you receive at the completion of each test. You will learn about your personality color blend, your greatest strengths and talents and what your potential extreme versions of your color blend bring to your life. We do not have conflict when we are living from our centered strengths, the conflict, frustrations and misery all are born out of our extreme personality tendencies.


This personality training course is vastly unique in that we believe it is vital for YOU to understand yourself and your partner. The videos/training help you understand how your personality color tendencies affect you and those around you. Most people do not understand why their partner thinks and reacts the way they do. Primary Colors is the only personality tests created with healing, strengthening and enhancing relationships and communication. These are incredible insight tools used internationally and by the most renown relationship researchers in the world. This training is a must and you will love every minute of it.

 # 3: Primary Colors Relationship Personality Insight Training - $498 Value

Primary Colors description for RH website.png

# 4: The Six Levels of Communication - $125 Value

When relationships break apart, partner's often report that they simply could no longer talk to each other. Ineffective communication cripples relationships both at home and in the work place. That section of the Relationship Help at Home training teaches you about what creates positive, powerful, bonding and interesting communication that helps heal, restore, enhance and strengthen relationships, and what destroys communication at it's roots.

Learn to Communicate

 # 5: Additional Bonus Relationship Help Materials - $500+ Value

Take advantage of additional bonus materials, like work booklets on What Causes Infidelity, Rebuilding Trust, The Meaning of Love, How to Manage Time for Yourselves, How to Deal with the Stress of Children, How to Keep your Love Alive, and more. Use our assessments to discover where your relationship is at the beginning and end of the training and answer questions like "Are you a good listener?", "How strong is your emotional intelligence?", and "How do I communicate with people who are very different than myself?".

Relationship Help bonus materials

How Does the Cost of Relationship Help at Home Compare to In-Person Couples Counseling?

Have you gone to therapy just to discover that you were paying a great deal of money and leaving with very little but an upset stomach? Going to counseling can be difficult and expensive. I believe in couple's counseling and have done it as my vocation for over 45 years, but there is so much to learn and so little time in each session, not to mention the inconvenience and expense in travel time and money.


That is why Dawn Billings combined her over 45 years of expertise and experience to create the Relationship Help At Home programs. They are interesting, fun, and easy to understand and implement, plus, you can enjoy them at your convenience, from the comfort of your own home—you will save time and money.  

RHAH Online Couples Relationship Program

Relationship Help at Home Training Program

Primary Colors 6 Expert Tests & Results

Primary Colors Personality Training

Six Levels of Communication Video Training

Additional Bonus Materials










Compare with Cost of Couples Counseling

Cost of 1 Therapy Session w Dawn

26 Private Counseling Sessions


x 26




Learn what you need to know to strengthen and heal your relationship in just 5-10 minutes each day, from the comfort of your own home, and at a fraction of the cost and time expense of In-Person Couples Counseling.

Get started NOW for the cost of just 2 couple's private sessions!

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