Relationship Help Programs and Offerings

Anything you do in life, should be an investment in YOU.

Personality and relationship expert, Dawn Billings has been working with couples, individuals, organizations, and church leaders for almost 45 years and shares what she has found to be the secrets of enhancing and reviving failing relationships.

Explore Relationship Help's programs for reviving relationships between couples, as well as Dawn's training and speaking opportunities.

Relationship Help Programs for Couples

Relationship Help at Home: Online Couples Counseling Program

A powerful, effective, and affordable 26-Week relationship and communication course, perfect for repairing and giving hope to your relationship on a daily basis from the comfort of your home.

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The Relationship Help at Home Online Couples Counseling Program is a wonderful way to reboot, enhance and dramatically improve your relationship for a minimal investment. This online program allows you and your partner to do the work of healing and enhancing your relationship at your own pace, and in the comfort of your own home. This program works whether you do it alone or together. 


The Online Relationship Program is the best fit for you if you are concerned that you and your partner are losing that your connection and your communication is stressed and tense. If you feel that your relationship is suffering, and you want to revive it before it is too late, this is a great first step to take.

Relationship Help Resort: One-on-One Individual and Couple's Resort Retreat Intensive

Escape the distractions and work one-on-one with relationship expert Dawn Billings at a resort-style retreat in Mesa, Arizona. You'll be amazed at what just a few days of focused effort can accomplish!

The Individual or Couple's Retreat Intensive is by far the most powerful tool in my life and relationship enhancement toolbox. If you want an extremely personalized, proven solution for what's not working in your life and relationships, an intensive is the right choice.  Relationship expert researchers and educators from around the world have been using Dawn's methods for decades.


Dawn Billings, a relationship expert, with over 45 years of experience, creator of the Primary Colors Personality Tests and Insight Tools and author of over 20 books, will walk you through this incredible insightful healing process. You will spend two and a half days, arriving in the evening and working through the next two days. Spend two nights at the beautiful healing resort in one of the intimate and private suites, enjoy wonderful food, and be introduced to information you can use to transform your life.


This intensive works, and is guaranteed to enlighten you, educate you, and create a new way of understanding and communicating with your partner, or your money back.


Consultation and Coaching in Person or Online

If you prefer a more traditional approach to couples counseling and relationship help, Dawn is available in person in the Phoenix, Arizona area, or can connect with you online, no matter where you are located.


Do you simply need a coach to help guide you in saving your marriage? Dawn Billings is available in person if you live near the Phoenix, AZ area, or by phone from anywhere in the world. Her counsel is guaranteed to enlighten you, educate you, and create a new way of understanding and communicating with your partner, or your money back. 

Personal coaching with Dawn Billings includes:

  • Private Sessions with Dawn Billings

  • Personal focused attention on  your specific relationship issues

  • Interactive participation in the Primary Colors Insight & Communication training
    (tests will be taken online - results & insights thoroughly discussed)

  • Books and Play assignments that will enhance your relationship

  • And More!


Personal coaching with Dawn Billings    Price: $199 per private session  

Training and Speaking Opportunities with Accomplished Relationship Expert and Author, Dawn Billings

Invite Relationship Expert, Dawn Billings to Share at Your Event, Convention, or Church

Dawn Billings has over 45 years of experience working with relationships, is a successful serial entrepreneur, has been recognized by Oprah as a top Woman in Business, and is an accomplished author of over 20 books. 

A workshop with Dawn is guaranteed to provide amazing insights, incredible learning opportunities, and be an uplifting and motivating experience for everyone in attendance. 

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The Primary Colors of Love - The Secret to Healing Broken Relationships through Personal Insight, Emotional Intelligence Forgiveness and Understanding

Keynote, half-day ($3,500) and full day training ($5,000) plus expenses

So many couple's are frustrated and confused about the bruised and bleeding state of their marriage. How did this happen when they started their journey together so very much in love?

Dawn Billings focuses on "What Went Wrong in a Relationship and How it Went Wrong?" and creates an environment for couples to understand how to heal. 

We are individuals with unique perspectives and expectations. In this workshop, Dawn carefully examines why people are attracted to one another and then, how that attraction fades, withers and dies. This is a must have workshop for your church members. Nothing is more sacred than our relationships and families and this workshop is guaranteed to provide critical insights and easy to implement steps to help strengthen and heal even the most broken of relationships.

Love's Languages and Their Dialects - Te Q.U.I.E.R.O.

How Personality Affects the Ways We Express Love & Love's Opposite

Keynote, half-day ($3,500) and full day training ($5,000) plus expenses

This is one of Dawn Billings' favorite workshops. Dawn helps couples understand how their personalities influence and even determine the way they speak and experience love. Dawn takes couples through not only the different primary colors personality types, but then she examines love languages and their different dialects,  and how different sides of the primary colors personality wheel speak the same love languages differently.

Everyone raves about the impact that this training  has on them and their relationships. The information in this training can totally transform the way people speak their love to one another, but more importantly, it can teach them how to stop speaking the opposite of love to each other.

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