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Relationship Help Premarital Counseling

One of the most precious gifts you and your beloved will give to one another and your relationship is premarital counseling. Learning about respectful and effective communication, learning active listening skills, and starting your relationship with a much deeper understanding of yourself and your partner will continue to enhance your relationship throughout the years.

What are the Benefits of 
Premarital Counseling?

There are many benefits of premarital counseling. Learning how to have healthy, respectful communication is among the most important. In Relationship Help marital counseling you will gain a deeper insight and understanding of yourself and your partner by beginning your premarital counseling with a series of six personality tests by Primary Colors Relationship Personality. Primary Colors Relationship Personality Test is chosen and licensed by the most renown relationship researchers and used in churches, organizations and even the military. You will also learn what it means to be a ‘relationship’. Your relationship is like another person. It must be understood, nurtured and cared for. You will have your needs, your partner will have their needs but your relationship will also have needs that must be met to keep it thriving and strong.


Many wedding officiants, pastors and churches actually require that couples go through premarital counseling sessions before the big day.

Premarital Counseling

Premarital counseling can help you focus on and understand your beliefs, ideals, and dreams of what a great relationship looks like to you and what it looks like to your partner. Too often, we make assumptions and assume that what we think, or believe about what a relationship should look like, is what our partner believes also. You want to learn how to create common goals and an agreed upon vision for your future. So if you’re going to attend premarital counseling, here are a few things to consider that might help you get the most out of your time and effort.

Premarital Counseling

Unlike your very expensive, beautiful and hopefully delicious wedding cake, if premarital counseling is truly effective it shouldn’t be a piece of cake to simply enjoy. Premarital counseling should also bring up tough issues and questions that you may have never considered and give you the skills and resources to work through them.


That is the main goal of premarital counseling. You will consider questions like:


What happens when the infatuation wears off?

What happens when there are interpersonal conflicts, or even familial ones?

What does your partner need in order to have a loving, respectful conversation instead of a heated argument?

In this lovely ebook entitled The Importance of Premarital Counseling Relationship and Personality expert Dawn Billings talks about the benefits, long lasting positive effects and overall importance of premarital counseling.

Please feel free to download your free ebook today simply by clicking the link below:

premarital counseling ebook

In Premarital Counseling You Will Learn: 

Where Love Goes Astray

Where does love go astray? What causes conflict and what helps to resolve it?  What is misery's root and how do we weaken its hold on our hearts? Learning these important secrets is worth the cost and time you will invest in your premarital counseling. This information  will arm you against life's inevitable challenges you will face together.

The Reality of Marriage

In every relationship there are inevitable heartbreaks, large and small. No matter how in love you feel in the beginning, challenges will arise. What skiils will you need in place in order to handle life's stressors in connected and healthy ways? That is what premarital counseling is all about. The reality is, relationships are challenging. Learn to face those challenges together.

Relationship Blind Spots

You are blessed. This is the  beginning of your life together and you feel so in love? Conversations flow easily, you feel connected, happy, alive, and hopeful. Now in order to maintain that loving feeling you need to learn to identify your relational blind spots. In this premarital course, we will help you see where you have the potential to be  blind to the needs of your relationship.

Understand Your Partner - And Yourself

Take the time to learn the truth of who your partner really is at their core. With the help of Primary Colors Relationship Personality Tests, created by relationship and personality expert Dawn Billings, you will expand your understanding of YOU and your partner, and build your emotional intelligence and transform the way you see, understand and perceive yourself and those important in your life.

Along with your Premarital Counseling
You Will Receive Your First Wedding Gift

Each couple who chooses to do their premarital counseling through our Relationship Help Premarital Counseling will also receive a gift. After your initial counseling sessions, you will be sent home with our Relationship Help At Home comprehensive course as a follow-up resource. This easy to understand and implement 26 week course is designed to take as little as five to ten minutes a day so it will fit in your life, no matter how busy it might be.  This ONLINE course brings personality and relationship expert Dawn Billings into the comfort of your home, can be done on a tablet, computer or smart phone and will prepare you to have the most loving, respectful, connected marriage you could want. 

This $398 program is included as a gift to all couples who attend the Relationship Help premarital counseling to help insure that you have plenty of time to understand what keeps love alive for a lifetime.

Premarital Counseling
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