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Primary Colors Personality

Let's begin with insight into who you are and what that means?

So many times we struggle in relationships because we do not fully understand ourselves, our strengths, our talents and our positive tendencies. We are especially unaware or confused about our negative tendencies which can over time seriously damage our happiness and relationships.

  • Complete the Relationship Necessities Written Assessment 
    (You can do this by printing it out, or simply taking online and submitting form) 
    This is a pre-assessment and a post-assessment, meaning that you will take it before you begin your training, and then take it again after you have finished your training.)


  • Take the online Primary Colors Personality Expert Tests in several contexts.
    By taking the Primary Colors Personality Tests in several contexts, you gain much more clarity and insight into who you are in different “contexts” of your life. You will take the PCPT test in three different contexts - 1. Professional, 2. Personal, 3. Ideal Self

  • Why is understanding the Context in which you take a Personality Test important?
    To understand the importance of context, *watch the short video under CONTEXT at:

  • What are your personality Color Blends in different contexts?
    Your color blend in any given context is your three highest color scores in each context. They may be very similar, or they may be different, depending of the color tendencies you use in each context. (*Watch color blends video)

  • What difference does a Color Blend make?
    Your color blend tells you what blend of color personality tendencies influence your thoughts and behaviors in each life or emotional context. (*Watch color blends video)

  • Understand yourself and those you love in ways that can help them feel loved?
    (*Watch complementary colors video)

  • What are your Value Judgments in your life based on?
    (Based on results of the Primary Colors Personality Values Test—*Watch strength versus warmth—two sides of the PCPT wheel video)

  • You will begin the 26 week relationship course, the ABCs of Great Relationships 
    These daily exercises will be emailed to you weekly and are included in the Relationship Reboot Training. 

RHAH wider margins.png


Puzzle woman

Gaining insight into who your partner is and how to understand them.

We think we know and understand the people we want to love, but do we? Most of the time we would have to honestly answer "No." This communication and relationship help program will change the way you look at and understand those you love. In this phase you will learn to appreciate your unique personality color tendencies, as well as,  your partner's color personality tendencies.


  • You will learn your partner's CENTERED color tendencies strengths, gift and talents. And ask yourself how well do you appreciate them? 

       (*Watch six color centered personality tendencies video training)

  • What is an extreme personality tendency, and what to do when your partner is in their extremes? 
    (*Watch centered vs. extreme personality tendencies video)

  • List your PARTNER’S EXTREME weak points and negative tendencies that shut down and inhibit the two of you from feeling close. 
    (*Watch dangers of extremes video)

  • List YOUR EXTREME weak points and negative tendencies that shut down and inhibit you feeling close.

  • In what ways do you and your partner view the world differently? How do these differing views affect your ability to communicate?
    (You will schedule your 1 1/2 hour phone consultation to learn what your color personality tendencies tell you about how you see, react and behave in your relationships)

  • In this phase, you will gain unique insight into yourself AND your partner that you will not have access to anywhere else.

  • Learn when to approach your partner for sex (and when not to).
    This will save you feeling rejected and make sure your sex life stays passionate, fun and fulfilling.




Understanding where things always go wrong

Why do we find ourselves miserable? Because we don't understand the source of misery in our lives. Learning this piece is worth the price of entire program! We have a great deal of power over feeling miserable and feeling happy. In this phase you will learn the difference.


  • In phase three, you will learn what causes you to feel miserable, and what causes misery in your relationships. Phase three alone, is worth the entire investment you have made! 
    (*Watch entitlement video training)

  • You will learn what can you do about eliminating, or certainly, greatly reducing misery from your life.

  • You will learn the secrets for living a life full of joy versus misery. You will learn how to feel happy, fulfilled and joyful instead of distraught.
    (*Watch neuroscience and happiness video)

  • Learn to reduce all anger, frustration and rage from your life.

  • You will learn where all negative attitudes come from.

  • You will learn how to cultivate honesty and acceptance so both of you feel safe to be yourselves with each other.

  • You will learn the #1 secret you need to talk about in order to feel connected, and how to do it.

  • You will learn the number one cause of dissatisfaction, and how to change it.






Fall in love again

Where are your blind spots and how to see clearly?

Remember how you felt when you first fell in love? Conversations flowed easily, you felt connected, happy, alive and hopeful. Now in order to reconnect and heal the wounds you have inflicted upon each other you need to understand your relational blind spots.

  • In phase four, you you will learn the 6 major Killers of Love and Relationships, and how to avoid them. These six killers of love have proven time and time again to lead directly to divorce.

         (*Watch relational devastator video training)

  • You will learn how to better understand your anger, temper and frustration so you can soften and manage them with confidence.

  • You will learn the 5 Levels of Communication, and why they are very important.
    (*Watch 5 Levels of Communication video)

  • You will learn why you find yourself in the same argument over and over again and how to stop?

  • 8 Signs of a blissful marriage and how to add joy and bliss to yours.
    (*Watch 8 signs of a blissful partnership video)

  • You will learn the 3 minute exercise, which if done every morning and evening will transform your relationship.

  • You will discover your relationship and communication blind spots. How to discover relationship patterns you are unaware of that sabotages your love and ability to relate in healthy, happy ways.


reconnecting emotionally.png

Often we have experienced hurt and need to forgive, Why and How?

Inevitably we need to forgive hurts or transgressions in order to feel safe, close and connected to our partner once again. In every relationship there are heart breaks, large and small. This phase address how to reconnect emotionally and how to forgive, and why it is so important.

  • You will focus on ways to reconnect emotionally and physically with your partner.
    (*Watch the importance of Emotional bonds relationship video)

  • Consider what you have learned from the 26 week ABC’s of Great Relationships course.

  • You will consider what information has been most valuable to you personally and why.

  • Forgiveness is a gift. But who receives the gift of forgiveness?

  • You will learn what makes forgiveness difficult or easy?

  • How do you forgive to support the best version of you?

  • You will learn what forgiveness isn't.

  • Is there such a thing as "too much" forgiveness?

  • Does forgiveness make you a fool?

  • You will take the Relationship Necessities Assessment again as a POST-assessment, and compare your results. 

    (You can do this by printing it out, or simply taking online and submitting form) 
    This is your post-assessment, meaning that you will compare your results with those of your pre-assessment.

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Love Language




TE Quiero book cover 2019.png

How to share and show love so that you partner feels it & understands it

Many of us have heard of Love Languages, but what are Love Dialects? Even if we value the same Love Language, because of personality differences, we may speak a different dialect of that Love language. This phase teaches you to be fluent in your partner's dialects, using an easy to remember acronym: Te Q.U.I.E.R.O.

  • You will learn the 6 LOVE DIALECTS: Using the acronym    Te Q.U.I.E.R.O. 
    (*Watch the Te Q.U.I.E.R.O Love Dialects video training)

  • You will learn how LOVE dialects different from Love Languages and the difference that will make in your communication with your partner. (*Download the Te Q.U.I.E.R.O. work book and do the exercises)

  • You will learn to understand YOUR favorite love Dialects.

  • You will learn to understand YOUR partner’s favorite love Dialects.

  • You will learn how to insure that your partner hears, and feels, the love you desire to communicate and share.

  • You will learn how to get your partner to open up and share their deepest feelings, fears and fantasies so that your bond grows stronger instead of drifting apart.

  • You will learn what the opposite of love’s Dialects called Relational Devastators
    (*Watch the Relational Devastators video training)

  • You will learn how to recognize and stop LOVE's devastating dialects that destroy communication, happiness and relationship closeness.

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