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Relationship Personality Test

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How Important is Understanding Your Personality?

The Primary Colors Personality tests and Insight tools are an important part of the Relationship Help training whether you are attending the Relationship Help Resort for a private couple's retreat or intensive, enrolling in  the Relationship Help At Home training to enjoy in the comfort of your own home, or you are working with one of our many relationship experts, such as PREP Inc., who have licensed this proprietary relationship personality technology to use with their clients around the nation.

Relationship and personality expert Dawn Billings is the author and architect of the Primary Colors Relationship Personality Tests and Insight Tools. Billings' ultimate goal in creating the relationship personality test was to create a jargon free, universal, easy to understand and implement, contextual personality insight tool that would allow people to gain insight into automatically relied upon personality tendencies they might revert to using in different life and emotional contexts.

Taking into consideration the fact that human beings do not usually experience conflict, frustration, strife and stress when they are happy and things are going the way they want in their lives, Billings decided to focus on helping people understand what choices and behaviors they have a tendency to rely on when things are not going the way the want.

Relationship struggles are not born out of our centered personality colors strengths, or what we call happy emotional contexts. They arise when things  become difficult, challenging and confusing, and people tend to move into their extreme color personality tendencies, so most of the trouble, confusion and misery in our relationships is contextual and based in our extreme color personality tendencies. 



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Understanding where things always go wrong

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Why do we find ourselves miserable? Because we don't understand the source of misery in our lives. Learning this piece is worth the price of our entire relationship help programs! We have a great deal of power over feeling miserable and feeling happy.

How valuable would it be to you to feel that you truly understood the source of all misery and how to greatly diminish it in your life?

How valuable would it be to you to be able to understand when you are about to damage your relationships and choose to stop before you go over the edge?

How valuable would it be to you to avoid the relationship mine fields that blow up your relationship whenever you step on them?

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