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ABOUT was founded by acclaimed relationship coach and personality expert, Dawn L. Billings. With over 45 years of experience working with relationships, in both clinical and professional settings, author Dawn Billings has combined her knowledge and expertise to write over 15 books, hundreds of articles and create relationship, communication and personality programs that provide strategic and focused training for people personally and professionally that are guaranteed to improve your communication, and help YOU find the peace, connection, respect and relational success you are looking for.

Dawn has been widely recognized for her professional successes. In 2008, Dawn was selected as one of the nation's top 80 emerging women leaders by Oprah Magazine and the White House Project, and was chosen as one of 15 "Women of Achievement" by the Cobb County, Georgia, YWCA for her socially dynamic programs and life long dedication to the benefit of women and children.

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Now there is also a powerful and effective ONLINE
alternative to marriage and relationship counseling.
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Our comprehensive ONLINE Relationship Help at Home program will teach you what you want and need to know
in order to better understand, relate to, and communication with your partner in the comfort of your living room.

 This online course is guaranteed to transform the way you understand yourself and others. It is so easy.
Learn at your convenience 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The exercises, video training, ebooks, phone consultations
and relationship workbooks will help you develop skills you can use to heal, enhance and rebuild your relationships.  
For less than it would cost for two private couple's counseling sessions, you can login to your relationship help account
and enjoy 26-weeks of daily exercises, inspiring information, all while you have access to the video training.

Learn to Love Again. . .

A Note from the  Author:
   Dawn Billings   
I have done everything I can to make this unique learning experience the most reasonably priced, fun, relaxing and impactful way to help you heal your relationships, and save your marriage. Although I have been an advocate for marriage for over forty-five years, I understand personally what happens to that even the best of relationships can be vulnerable to difficulties. I was married for twenty years. After my divorce, I dedicated myself to attempting to understand what causes relationships to fail. I researched diligently, studied unceasingly, and out of my efforts, experience and expertise created a program to help people rediscover their love once again. In this program you will learn the causes of relational destruction, and discover amazing information about YOU and your partner. I will provide answers you have been desperately seeking.


After twelve years of being divorced, God used this exact information to rebirth my marriage. Yes, after twelve years, my husband, father of my children, and I remarried. Because of the information in this program I can assure you the second time is a thousand times better than the first. My husband and I have never been happier and more connected. I will happily share these incredible relationship healing secrets with you.

Here are more of Dawn's resources for you to enjoy:
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Dawn Billings Consultations


Learn more about Dawn Billings the director of the Relationship Help Resort, author of over 20 books, patented inventor, creator of the Primary Colors Personality Tests and Insight Tools and founder of the international women's networking organization, The Heart Link Network.

Relationship Help Resort


How do I attend in person? Where is the Relationship Help Resort located. How do I book a suite. What will I learn by attending?


Can I attend alone, or bring a friend if my partner is unavailable?

How much does it cost to attend?

Primary Colors Personality


What is Primary Colors Personality Tests and Insight Tools and how are they different from other personality tests I have taken in the past? What about these insight tools make them a perfect fit for relationships and communication? Have these insight tools been proven to be effective?

Other Wonderful Information to enhance your life, relationships and parenting skills
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Best Parenting Videos


Dawn is also a parenting expert who created a patented parenting tool called CAPABLES. Enjoy these informative parenting videos to help you with common parenting questions and struggles.

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Children's Inspiration Videos


Want to inspire your children to live the greatness within them. Take a moment each day to watch one of these children's short video inspirations. It is so easy and children love it. Each video sets up a great conversation.

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Living an OverJOYed Life


Do you want to live a happier, more peaceful, overJOYed life? These short, inspiring and informative videos will help you discover secrets you need to know in order to live a happier, fulfilled, overJOYed life.

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