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5 Simple Choices to Keep Kids Inspired and Motivated

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

by Dawn L. Billings founder of Don’t you just love the energy and enthusiasm of children? I do. They remind me of what joy is all about.

Each month, I have the privilege of being surrounded by a group of successful business professionals who are dedicated to success in business and in life. When I am around them, I remember my child-like passion for my dreams and refill my tanks with a renewed energy for making the difference I am passionate about making.

We all need motivation and inspiration, even our children. Over the last several years I have implemented 5 simple solutions that keep me inspired and motivated that I want to share with you, and your children, today.

I invite you to spend some time reflecting on the times when you feel the most inspired and motivated.  I feel most inspired and motivated when I am in the presence of my friends and my family because they champion me to do more and reach the next level of success.

Teach your children that whenever they need an extra dose of inspiration and motivation, remember these 5 simple choices that will keep them inspired and motivated in  all they do:

  • Choose to be Grateful: don’t let your feet hit the floor in the morning without jotting down three things you are thankful for, or at least thinking clearly about them in your head. This will keep you aware of the blessings that are real and true in your life. Just taking a few minutes each morning to reflect on what you appreciate most in your life will help you begin your day from an endowed perspective. This is one of the greatest "begin your day well" strategies we can ever teach our children.

  • Choose Optimism: Surround yourself with positive influences, people who believe in you and what you are doing, both professionally and personally. Are you a positive influence for your children? The people you spend the most time with also have the greatest influence on your life, and you have the power to choose who is included in this important group of supporters. Teach your children to choose their friends wisely. Make sure you feel uplifted and energized after being in the presence of your friends and supporters, not weighted down and drained.

  • Choose to Connect: find like-minded people who share your values, ethics and beliefs as friends. Choose to stay connected to your children. Keep the lines of communication open. There is no more important connection to build trust and self-worth, than the connection between a parent and child. Make the time you spend with your kids count: connect.

  • Choose to Collaborate: When you find ways to collaborate with successful, goal-oriented people, you will feel more capable and empowered to achieve success and growth as well. Hope and enthusiasm are contagious. Help your children learn to appreciate the value of collaboration and team work. Our society promotes competition. Make sure your children also know how to collaborate.

  • Choose to Congratulate and Commend: Take time to congratulate your children's successes of all kinds. When you are always looking for ways to congratulate and commend, it keeps you aware of the successes to celebrate all around you. Do not praise your children, congratulate and commend them for things they accomplish. Empty praise steals a child's self-esteem, whereas, commending a child on a job well done, enhances and builds your child's confidence.

The word Inspiration means, “to breathe life into.” Commit to breathing life into your dreams as well as, the lives of your children and you will discover that you are living a more inspired and inspiring life. Breathe and enjoy!

In 2008 Dawn was selected by Oprah Magazine and The White House project as one of 80 emerging women leaders in the nation. Dawn L Billings is a serial entrepreneur and a communication and personality expert. She has authored over 15 books. Dawn is the founder of and creator of the comprehensive ONLINE relationship program called Relationship Help At Home. Dawn is the author and architect of the Primary Colors Personality Test and Insight Tools, founder of OverJOYed Life and creator of the Happiness Curriculum. She also serves as executive director of the luxury Relationship Help Resort in Arizona.

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