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A Brief History of the Most Common Personality Assesment Tools Used Today

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

With all of the personality tests out there, how are you supposed to understand which one is which, and who created them and how are they used? In this video personality and relationship expert Dawn Billings shares a brief history of the most common personality assessment Tools widely used today and also explains what makes Primary Colors Relationship Personality Insight Tools unique from all the rest.

The Primary Colors Relationship Personality Tests are the only personality tests created specifically to help heal and strengthen relationships and broken communication. The tests are licensed and widely used by some of the most respected relationship experts and researchers in the world.

This personality test is NOT a me too. By that I mean it is not built off of the most common four quadrant personality model made popular by Carl Jung, nor was it based off of the Big 5 personality model based on statistical analysis and explained in much greater detail in the video above.

The Primary Colors Relationship Personality Tests were designed using the artists color wheel, used for thousands of years by artists to mix and blend colors so that they could create everything they could see as well as everything they could imagine.

With the artists color wheel as the metaphorical base of her relationship personality tests, Dawn Billings created a truly unique, easy to understand model to help people recognize and understand their color personality tendencies and the color personality tendencies of others. No one is just one color. We are usually strongly influenced by our personality color blend with is a blend of our top three colors.

Although like all personality inventories, the Primary Colors Relationship Personality tests help people better understand their gifts, strengths and natural talents, the greater focus is on helping people understand their weaknesses, or their extremes, that are causing havoc in their lives. No one fights and experiences conflict while in their centered strengths, all conflict and unhappiness are born from one's extreme personality color tendencies. So the Primary Colors Relationship Personality tests powerfully focus on where conflict and misery are born, and what to do about it when you find yourself behaving in destructive ways out of your extreme color tendencies. In short, these relationship personality tests have proven to enhance and develop emotional intelligence.

If you would like to understand in more detail how Primary Colors Personality tests work and what makes them unique please visit:

Dawn is a personality expert and the founder of and the creator of the ONLINE comprehensive relationship program, Dawn is the executive director of the luxury in Arizona where she hosts private therapy retreats and intensives for struggling couples.

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