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10 Ways Primary Colors Personality Tools Improve Effectiveness

If you are an executive, a professor, a sales professional or a member of management and love expertise and want to communicate more powerfully and effectively with your employees, sales clients or down-line the PROFESSIONAL level of training is perfect for you.

If you are a therapist, coach, psychologist, Chaplin or School or Church counselor whose goal it is to prevent relationship and communication failures in others lives, becoming a PERSONALITY-EXPERT may be the best choice for you.

Your primary goal as a communication professional is to improve your clients’ ability to make good choices, adjust their behavior, adapt, personal and professional effectiveness, success, and satisfaction. The Primary Colors Personality Tests and Insight Tools help an effective psychiatrist, clinical psychologist, therapist, or professor of psychology strengthen their abilities to serve the needs of their clients, audiences and students in ten very extraordinary ways.

1.) It is estimated that 75% of a person’s day is spent communicating in some way, and that might be a low estimate for clinical psychologists. As a therapist, you must be a good listener who is capable of hearing what your clients say and identifying the underlying meaning or problem behind their words and their nonverbal cues, such as eye contact and body language. You must also be capable of communicating knowledge, compassion, and treatment options to your clients. Your tone, intonation, expression, and choice of words are important factors in how you communicate verbally. Written communication is also important; you are the record-keeper for your clients’ other clinicians and insurance needs.

2.) You must want to know what causes communication to succeed or fail. Each person is different, and the answer of how to help each individual is not always readily apparent. Often the initial assessment is the first opportunity to gauge the situation, so therapists, coaches and psychology professionals must be able to ask insightful questions, and utilize tools to help them and their clients learn to follow the trail of information to come up with the best answers and solutions.

3.) You need to not only be committed to personal insight and awareness, but you must also be dedicated to helping others to gain insight. It is important that people learn how to think logically and critically, to help them better understand the reasoning behind their choices and behaviors. It is equally important to be able to gain insight into others by strengthening the Emotional Intelligence (EQ). Relationships are strengthened by the personal insight and awareness of people attempting to communicate with and understanding each other.

4.) Since each client/employee/team member presents a new and different challenge, personality professionals need to incorporate tools that will allow their clients to be more creative in gaining insight. As a personality/communication professional, you are responsible for coming up with new solutions, techniques, and suggestions for bettering the quality of life of your clients. The Primary Colors Personality Insight Tests are an easy to implement, yet extremely creative way for you to help your clients gain the greatest understanding of themselves and those around them.

5.) When it comes time to sit down and truly communicate or listen to another person’s feelings and ideas, whether your goal is to conduct therapy, communicate team goals and direction, gain feedback, or understand where communication failures are negatively impacting your personal or professional progress, a communication professional must have confidence and a strong capacity for self-reflection, and self-awareness. If you do not have a handle on your own strengths, weaknesses, triggers and issues, you can inadvertently invite them into the therapy session. The Primary Colors Personality Insight Tests help YOU, the professional, gain understanding and insight into your own personality tendencies, allowing you to feel much more confident that you are not only aware of your own tendencies, triggers and issues, but that because of that awareness, you are free to focus on your clients, without any fall out from your personality tendencies or experiences.

6.) Whether you are a psychology professional, a coach, a professor, an executive, real-estate pro, attorney or hold a management position you will have the occasion to work with a wide range of people with different personalities, from people who thrive on drama, to people who struggle to communicate; people with relationship problems to substance abusers to depressives to those with severe mental illnesses.

The best way to fortify yourself against burn-out, is to better understand your individual strengths, trigger points, and personal power sources. It is important that you can fill your own needs tank, and use challenges to make you wiser and stronger. The better and more resilient you become, the better model you are for family, students, friends, colleagues and clients. Better understanding yourself and your personal and professional trigger points allows you to put the oxygen mask on yourself before you help others with theirs.

7.) As a communication expert, you must be able to respect autonomy and personal responsibility while acting as a guiding and validating force for the health and well-being of those you manage. You must be able to imagine yourself in their shoes, while maintaining your centered boundaries. You must accept who your patient/team member is, fundamentally, and support them in ways that will ensure the best results for everyone concerned. This is where the Primary Colors Personality Insight Tests are such an enormous help.

You and your clients quickly learn that ALL negative, frustrating and unsuccessful behaviors are born out of the tendencies of each extreme primary color. This understanding helps you separate your clients from their extreme tendencies and allows you more room to create a connection with your client, that allows you to sort through the inherent difficulties of the human condition and address your client’s unique situation and find meaningful solutions.

8.) Effective communication experts, management and psychology professionals support their clients/team members in respectful and supportive ways. The Primary Colors Personality Insight Tool allows you to never criticize weakness or incorrect action, because your job is to help the client look at their behaviors and/or choices and determine for themselves what is working and not working in their lives. It goes without saying, but no therapist should discriminate against a client with a different background or values — and with the use of the Primary Colors Personality Insight Tool, your temptation to do so is greatly reduced, if not eliminated.

9.) Management, executives, coaches, teachers, as well as, clinical psychologists must be able to see patterns, both internal and external, that people engage in. These patterns are often the key to identifying when people are stuck in an unhealthy state of mind or relationship. You can help your clients and team members immensely if you are skilled at recognizing such patterns and bringing their attention to it. The Primary Colors Personality Insight Tool aids both you and your clients in recognizing, naming and claiming extreme color tendencies, that have become problematic patterns in their lives.

10.) As executives, psychology professionals, or coaches you need to possess knowledge of the theoretical, clinical, and empirical understanding of your field. The acquisition of this knowledge takes considerable dedicated education as well as continuing education and training. The Primary Colors Personality Insight Tool aids you as you continue to be tested by long hours, piles of paperwork, an ever-changing field, and the stressors of helping others bear their mental and emotional burden. These fun, effective, easy to understand and implement personality tools help make your job more enjoyable, help you feel more competent, help you gather critical information about your clients in a quick, fun and easy way, and as importantly, help you enhance your bottom line as a business professional.

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