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15 Signs that You Need Relationship Help Now!

Updated: Apr 14, 2022

It’s crazy how we have a tendency to put off the very things that can take us in a better direction and bring us the most relief. We can spend years minimizing issues, or even in outright denial.

What are we waiting for? Something “really bad” to happen? At that point, unfortunately, it may be too late. Besides, what is worse than living in an unhappy and disconnected relationship? Isn’t that bad enough to make the choice to do something about your relationship?

Here are 15 signs that you and your partner need Relationship Help now:

  1. You’d rather be on Facebook or your phone for hours than talk to your spouse.

  2. You never or rarely have sex. You feel like "just roommates" or business partners.

  3. You are losing the romance. You haven't had date night in over 3 months.

  4. You rarely feel completely listened to, heard or understood.

  5. You don’t feel like your partner supports and cares about you anymore.

  6. You no longer tell each other the truth. You’re keeping secrets from your partner...or you’re pretty sure your partner is keeping secrets from you.

  7. You feel like you walk on eggshells, and dread coming home.

  8. You fight too often, and never really resolve anything.

  9. One partner has just admitted to cheating, or you are convinced they are cheating.

  10. You feel trapped and unhappy in your relationship.

  11. You’re angry at your partner much of the time, and you’re not sure you can ever get over the growing resentments.

  12. Your relationship ends up last on the list of things that are important.

  13. One or both of you has threatened your relationship by suggesting a trial separation, breakup, or divorce.

  14. You spend a great deal of time thinking of relationship "exit strategies.”

  15. You are thinking about speaking with a divorce lawyer but want to try "everything you can" to make your relationship work first.

If you find yourself in several of these 15 signs you need Relationship Help now, it is time to actually do something. Visit our Relationship website for an overview of the many options we have created to help you find the answers you most need and want. Then go to Relationship Help At and check out our comprehensive, yet inexpensive ONLINE relationship course for you there, or look deeper into the possibility of attending the a couple's two day luxury retreat intensive at the Relationship Help Resort.

Relationship Help at Home

Dawn Billings is the architect of Primary Colors Personality Insight Tools who has been working with individuals and couples for 45 years. Dawn is the Executive Director of the Relationship Help Resort and author of the comprehensive ONLINE Relationship Help at Home 26 week couple's curriculum, designed to help couples enhance and heal their relationship from the comfort of their home.

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