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4 Exercises for Those Who are Hungry for Success

4 Exercises for those hungry for success

The ancestor of every action is a thought. Ralph Waldo Emerson

Life is filled with choices. The thoughts and choices you make today determine your life tomorrow. In order to be great, you must make intelligent choices that lead you toward the future you desire. Every choice, if it is the right one, will lead you closer to your dreams. The major key in making intelligent choices is to STOP and THINK before you ACT.

Exercise 1: Are there decisions in your life that you wish that you had not made?_____________________________________________________________


What decisions in your life are you glad that you considered carefully?



Unless you are willing to take responsibility for what you think, you insure that you will never fulfill your heart’s desire. No one has ever improved by dwelling on what is wrong. No one will attain health and strength by thinking of weakness and disease. No one will attain peace by spinning in confusion. We must think health, think peace, and think success in order to attain them. To paraphrase Pascal, “Our achievements today are but the sum of our thoughts of yesterday.”

Exercise 2: What past choices/experiences still influence your life today?


How confident do you feel about your ability to “reframe” past negative experiences into more positive ones?



“As a man thinks in his heart, so is he.” Proverbs 23:7 Exercise 3: For the next 30 days engage in the positivity fast.

Only think, speak, and act in a positive manner. In doing this you will begin to reprogram your mind.

1. Think only Positive thoughts (your fast will allow no others)

2. Think Limitless thoughts

3. Think about positive Actions you will take

4. Think of the many ways you are blessed, and all that you have

5. Think of positive solutions to your current problems

6. Envision yourself as incredibly happy

7. Envision yourself as successful and prosperous

8. Envision your life is rich, full and abundant

9. Envision yourself as Confident

10. Envision yourself as Optimistic

11. Always look for the good. Find the silver lining

13. Speak to yourself in a kind and encouraging way

16. Speak with Belief

12. Speak positively, even when you speak of struggles

17. Act with Optimism

18. Act with Confidence

19. Act with Fearlessness

20. Act with Courage

21. Act with Hope

22. Act with Positivity

Engross yourself in positivity and dwell in the realm of possibility. Let go of thoughts, feelings, and actions that weigh you down and confine you to a mediocre, habitual life. And avoid those people who are lost in negativity.

Exercise 4: Write down your greatest vision of YOU. As you do this, consider the following:

Envision your ideal, real YOU in detail? Write it down.


If you could emulate anyone great, who would you emulate?


How often do you envision your greatest, optimal YOU in your mind?


When you close your eyes can you vividly see YOU living up to the standards you dream? ____________________________________________________________

Do you you as the greatest YOU everyday?______________________ If not, what is your excuse?_________________________________________________________

Dawn Billings,

Personality and relationship expert Dawn Billings is the author and architect of Primary Colors Relationship Personality Tests and training. Dawn is the author of hundreds of articles and executive director of the Relationship Help Resort in Arizona where she leads private couple's retreats and intensives to strengthen, empower and heal relationships.

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