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Getting Separated? What should you do?

Updated: Apr 14, 2022

by Dawn L. Billings, founder of

If you find yourself separating from your partner it can be extremely confusing and heart breaking. What should you do? Relationship and Personality expert Dawn Billings has created a pdf with very simple information about how to best use your time apart.

If you do not want to be separated long term, or you are concerned about creating the same problems in your next relationship that make you want to run, please take time to visit and take advantage of all the information, articles, and programs created there just for you, or go to and get started with our comprehensive ONLINE relationship course that is guaranteed to make a difference in how you see yourself and your partner, and how you understand what it takes to live in a happy, healthy relationship or your money back!

Dawn L. Billings is a serial entrepreneur, inventor, and author of over 15 books on Relationships, Parenting and Entitlement and is a relationship, communication and personality-expert who is the author and architect of the Primary Colors Personality Tests and Insight Tools.

Dawn is the creator and author of the programs and the executive director of the in Arizona, and author of the Relationship Help at Home online program.

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