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Think UP or Stink UP Your Relationship

You can do as much as you think you can,

But you’ll never accomplish more.

If you’re afraid of yourself, young man There’s little for you in store.

For failure comes from the inside first,

it’s there if you only knew it.

And you can win, though you face the worst, if you feel you’re going to do it. Edgar Guest, A Heap O’ Livin

Earl Nightingale said, “We become what we think about.” Your mind will absorb any idea that it is repeatedly subjected to, positive or negative, good or bad. Once absorbed, your subconscious mind goes to work to turn your thoughts into reality.

No one has ever accomplished anything that they first did not give their thought and repeated attention to. All action is preceded by thought and the kind of thoughts we allow to enter our hearts are the seeds to tomorrow’s relational outcomes. To paraphrase Pascal, “Our achievements today are but the sum of our thoughts of yesterday.”

No one has ever improved by dwelling on what is wrong. When it comes to your relationship, what thoughts do you find yourself dwelling on? Do you dwell on thoughts of your partner’s love and contributions, or do you choose disappointment and frustration as the place you will dwell?

Dawn Billings is the founder of a website dedicated to providing resources to help strengthen and heal relationships.

Dawn is the creator of the comprehensive ONLINE relationship programs called Relationship Help At Home, and is the Executive Director of the Relationship Help Resort in Arizona where she hosts private couple's retreats and marriage intensives to help people restore the love and connection in their marriages.

Dawn is also the author and architect of the Primary Colors Relationship Personality Tests and Insight Tools

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