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The Six Color Tendencies of the Primary Colors Personality Tests

by Dawn Billings, founder of

Behavior is the mirror in which everyone reflects their truest

personality tendencies, both good and bad. Dawn L. Billings

There are six color personality tendencies represented in the Primary Colors Relationship Personality Tests and Insight Tools. The top three colors in your color blend describe you in any given emotional or life context and impacts how you handle relationships, process information, communicate, and perceive events and situations in your world.

People who take the Primary Colors Relationship Personality Tests focusing on different life and emotional contexts may find that their color blends (their top three colors in any given context) differ depending on the context they are thinking about at the time they take the tests.

What Does Your Primary Colors Personality Color Blend Reveal About You?

Unlike so many other colors personality tests that use four random colors as their base descriptors, Primary Colors Relationship Personality Test uses all six colors on the artists color wheel. The artist color wheel has been used by artists for thousands of years as they blended colors in order to attempt to recreate everything they could see or imagine.

Dawn Billings, the author and architect of the Primary Colors Relationship Personality Tests and Insight Tools chose to use this color wheel (and its six colors that we all learn in early childhood, Red, Yellow, and Blue, Orange, Purple and Green) as a base metaphor to help her explain complicated human behavior that works and doesn't work in life and in relationships.

Each color on the personality color wheel represents unique personality tendencies, both centered and extreme, that describe and categorize people's behavior, choices, attitudes and emotional tendencies. If you would like to learn in detail about your personality color blend you can take the tests on your phone, tablet or computer and your results will remain in your account for you to refer to whenever you might like.

Below we will share very brief descriptions of the CENTERED color personality tendencies for each of the six colors of the Primary Colors Personality tests. Centered tendencies represent what is best about us. If you want to learn the difference between centered and extreme color personality tendencies, you will enjoy the article written specifically to help you understand.

Centered Red Personality Tendencies:

People with strong red personality tendencies in their color blend are competitive and driven to win. They are 'get it done' people, who value individual effort and respect internal fortitude. They like a fast paced environment. They not only enjoy competition and challenge, they need it. The are natural born leaders who want to be in control. They want to do it their way, because they believe their way is the ‘right’ way. People with strong red personality tendencies require respect. They don't care if you like them, but you must respect them. Olympic athletes will have strong red in their personality color blends.

Centered Purple Personality Tendencies: People with strong purple personality tendencies are driven to manage. They are self-motivated to find the most efficient way to accomplish their goals because it improves effectiveness. They are very task-oriented, and have a tendency to define themselves by their ability to get things done. They prefer to have their information in organized bullet points, and prefer clear and concise information. They enjoy educating and providing the information and direction necessary to accomplish a particular goal. They love checklists and a way to keep track of their progress. They are very good with managing contacts, organization and follow through. They tend to prioritize tasks over people and the best way to get on their good side is to finish the tasks on the list they give you.

Centered Blue Personality Tendencies: People with strong blue personality tendencies love accuracy and precision. They have a natural tendency to see potential problems, and for that reason can sometimes be mistaken by visionaries and dreamers as negative. They are not negative, in fact, they are very committed to the success of any project they are involved with. It is simply that they are adept at seeing the potential holes in the implementation of a project, and if you are wise, you will listen to their concerns because they will save you money and time in the long run. They are usually reserved, detailed and logical. If any personality over uses their head to evaluate the world around them it is people with strong blue color tendencies. People with strong blue personality tendencies strive for excellence, and have perfectionist tendencies. They like to take their time, consider carefully and don’t like to be rushed or pushed. These individuals are usually extremely bright if not out right geniuses.

Centered Yellow Personality Tendencies:

People with strong yellow personality tendencies have caring, compassionate hearts. They are dependable, loyal, dedicated and kind people. They live to help and serve others. They are usually patient and prefer to work in teams, even they believe that every individual is important and don’t want anyone to feel left out or looked over. They believe that one individual’s needs are extremely important, so they will be the first to aid someone they feel is having an emotional or life crisis. They dislike stress and resist change, especially rapid change. They prefer a secure and constant environment because they despise conflict and conflict can make them feel emotionally and physically ill. People with strong yellow personality tendencies are very relationship and family oriented and just want the world to be a kind, considerate, loving and safe place where we strive to serve, help and appreciate one another.

Centered Green Personality Tendencies:

People with strong green personality tendencies are big picture thinkers. They see forests and often forget that the forest is made up of individual trees. In their centers they are difference-makers who see change as very positive and progressive and this drives and motivates them. They are often purpose driven and need to believe in something larger than themselves, however this need can drive them to be dogmatic and radical about some of their views and beliefs. People with strong green personality tendencies want to find answers to the world’s problems. They desire for things to be FAIR and get frustrated when they believe that some people are lost in their greed and self-consumption to the point that they cannot see the larger need. Because of their hope and dreams motivations, people who are strength oriented and 'realists' can rub people with green color personality tendencies the wrong way.

Centered Orange Personality Tendencies: People with strong orange personality tendencies love to be the center of attention and the life of a party. They like fun, excitement, and the thrill of taking risks. Sometimes that risk taking piece of their personality can lead them toward dangerous activities. They love to experience life. They are not observers, they are actors and love inviting others to join them at the party of life. They love socializing and meeting people and doing so gives them energy. They are usually enthusiastic and optimistic, about most everything except details. They enjoy conversations and lively debate. They are quick witted and usually very good communicators, speakers and story tellers. They make friends easily and are inspirational and popular. People with strong orange personality tendencies have a gift for making things fun. They are very entertaining and they are never described as boring.

Personality expert Dawn L. Billings is the founder of a website dedicated to providing resources to help strengthen and heal relationships.

Dawn is the creator of the comprehensive ONLINE relationship programs called Relationship Help At Home, and is the Executive Director of the Relationship Help Resort in Arizona where she hosts private couple's retreats and marriage intensives to help people restore the love and connection in their marriages.

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