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What are Centered vs. Extreme Personality Tendencies?

Updated: Apr 14, 2022

Primary Colors Relationship Personality Tests are powerful personality insight tools that teach you how to transform feelings of misery and hostility into compassion, harmony and understanding.

There’s no shortage of color personality tests, but the Primary Colors Personality Test series is unlike all the rest. This is the only insight tool created specifically to help people heal and improve broken relationships. That’s why it’s also known as the Relationship Help Personality Test.

This completely unique personality test is modeled after, and based on, the six colors of the artists’ color wheel. Most personality tests are either four quadrant or based on the Big 5 personality traits. This relationship personality text is truly unlike any other.

For thousands of years, artists have understood, that with a base of only six colors they could blend, change hues, lighten and darken colors to create everything they could see or imagine.

The goal in using the Primary Colors Relationship Personality Insight tool is to help people gain self-awareness. Becoming aware of our choices and behavior in any given context is important, but it is especially valuable in helping us discover and understand the behaviors, reactions and choices we make in times of stress and frustration.

Each of the six colors on the personality color wheel represents innate positive qualities, known as your centered strengths. But each color on the wheel also reflects inherent weaknesses and destructive tendencies, that we call your extremes. When we are attempting to navigate our way through life one of the most important things to learn is the difference between our centered versus extreme color personality tendencies.

All conflict, misery, and misunderstanding comes from people acting out of their EXTREME color personality tendencies. Most of the time, these behaviors are unconscious. Understanding these knee-jerk, habitual responses is the first step to healing the destructive patterns sabotaging your personal or professional relationships.

Take the tests now. Your test results not only help you understand your color blends in different life and emotional contexts. It is fun to learn who you are at your best (centered personality tendencies), but it is imperative that you also come to terms with who you are at your worst (extreme personality tendencies). Your results will indicate likely dysfunctional behavior patterns and communication deficits that are represented by each of the six colors. Recognizing YOUR extreme color tendencies offers you the opportunity to choose your reactions consciously instead of behaving on auto-pilot.

The video below will give you a brief introduction to the six centered and extreme color personality tendencies, and the color slices will distinguish between them even further.

Six color slices of the Primary Colors Relationship Personality pie:

Let's look at the centered vs. extreme tendencies of RED. Centered red tendencies are that they are people who are comfortable with leadership positions. They are determined, strong-willed, self assured, decisive, well respected, action oriented competitors who value individual effort.

RED extreme tendencies: are arrogant and difficult to work with and for, and especially difficult to be in relationship with. They tend to bully, dominate, control and intimidate others. They can have big tempers, are power-driven, and winning is everything so they can be cut throat. One of their favorite sayings is "My way of the highway".

Let's look at the centered vs. extreme tendencies of BLUE. Centered blue tendencies are curiosity, precision, and accuracy. These people are detail oriented problem solvers who are gifted at seeing potential problems. They are considered by most people to be geniuses.

BLUE extreme tendencies however bring with them struggles with communication, compulsivity, procrastination, and perfectionistic tendencies. People with extreme blue tendencies can sometimes feel socially awkward and struggle with unfocused communication. In their extremes they can demean, judge, and look down upon others for their lack of intelligence.

Let's look at the centered vs. extreme tendencies of PURPLE. Centered purple tendencies are that they are organized, self-directed, thorough, level-headed and dependable. The love efficiency and effectiveness and value rules and policies.

PURPLE extreme tendencies however cause people to micro-manage, and treat policies and procedures as more important than people. Extreme purple can cause tunnel vision. In their extremes people with strong purple tendencies become 'Karens'. You know the ones, they know the rules and rules must NOT be broken. They also often find themselves in danger of becoming workaholics.

Let's look at the centered vs. extreme tendencies of GREEN. Centered green tendencies are tolerant, sincere, hopeful, deeply committed, idealistic and purposeful people. They care deeply about social responsibility and value fairness above all else.

GREEN extreme tendencies however become judgmental, angry and dogmatic social justice warriors who violate everything their centered selves value. They are in danger of becoming what they dislike most, intolerant and obsessed extremists. Extreme green can become radicalized extremists that convince themselves that it is not only okay, but necessary to hurt, harm and destroy those who believe differently than them.

Let's look at the centered vs. extreme tendencies of YELLOW. Centered yellow tendencies are lovely and loving. They value people, are devoted, love to serve, accepting, caring family-first people. They value people and relationships above all else.

YELLOW extreme tendencies however can be passive-aggressive, indecisive, overly sensitive hypochondriacs who are become victims who feel emotionally used and abused and taken for granted. They can become desperate for appreciation and attention. They can develop victim mentality and be whinny and terrified of conflict.

Let's look at the centered vs. extreme tendencies of ORANGE. Centered orange tendencies are spontaneous, creative, inspiring, likable comedians who are the life of the party. They are usually gifted communicators and fun loving.

ORANGE extreme tendencies however can be impulsive, self-absorbed, sarcastic, immature, manipulative, and self-destructive. They are prone to addiction and struggle with delayed gratification. They think nothing of making promises they have no intention of keeping, and they can use their gift for sarcasm to wound people with their words. They don't consider consequences and are hedonistic and irresponsible. They are spoiled children who refuse to grow up.

As you can see, when people are thinking, acting and behaving out of their centered color personality tendencies they can enjoy great success and happiness both personally and professionally. However, the most important gift you can give to YOU and your relationships is learning how to ameliorate your extreme tendencies that will always bring negative, destructive consequences personally and professionally.

Dawn Billings is the author of over 15 books and hundreds of articles and the Primary Colors Relationship Personality Tests and Insight Tools . Dawn is the founder of and the creator of the comprehensive ONLINE relationship programs As executive director of the in Arizona Dawn holds private couples intensives to help couples heal and strengthen their broken marriages.

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