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What One Thing Most Limits Your Life?

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

“The major thing limiting YOU in life is your belief in limits!”

What are your personal beliefs and why are they important in living a successful and OverJOYed Life? The beliefs you have embraced are intertwined with your personality and become the rules you both consciously and unconsciously follow. They are the filters you use when choosing actions, behaviors and decisions. Understanding your core driving beliefs is a vital part of understanding who YOU are.

When you were young your interpretation of messages from your parents, relatives, teachers and friends laid the foundation of your beliefs. Your beliefs influence how you think and interact with others and the world, and greatly influence your internal dialog.

Some of your beliefs are positive. These beliefs reside in the Center of your personality color tendencies. Those beliefs whisper your deepest truths like:

“Go ahead and risk being extraordinary.” “You can do it. Don't be afraid." “You are a miracle and have a real purpose in life.”

"Your dreams are yours to make come true. Go for it."

Every human battles negative beliefs that live in their extreme personality color tendencies. These negative thoughts threaten to derail your personal and profession success. Negative beliefs are limiting beliefs. Reality is, even if you are a happy optimist through and through, who really is committed to looking at the bright side of life, you will move into, and are deeply affected by, your

“I’m not good enough,” “Who am I to think that I have a special purpose in my life?” “There is nothing special about me.”

"I simply don't have what it takes to succeed."

Every human battles negative beliefs that live in, and are expressed through, their extreme personality color tendencies. These negative thoughts and underlying beliefs threaten to derail your personal and profession success. Negative beliefs are always limiting beliefs. The truth is, even if you believe yourself to be a happy optimist through and through, you will move in and out of, and are deeply affected by, your Extreme color personality tendencies. Moving into our extreme personality tendencies is a fact of life, we all do it. Why? Because life offers us free will, and with free will there must be two choices to choose from. Often when we are hurt, confused, anxious, feeling awkward or angry, etc., we can make choices that are not always in our best interest. Choices we make while experiencing our extreme color personality tendencies do not help us to become joyful or successful. Choices and actions made in our extreme personality tendencies sabotage our efforts and devastate our hopes. The most important goal in life, is to simply recognize where we are. Are we feeling Centered, or are we feeling Extreme? If we are feeling off, angry, resentful, hurt, tired, hungry, hormonal, you get the picture, we are likely to react to situations out of our extreme color personality tendencies. Our efforts will stall, fail, or hurt us of those we love. When we realize we are operating out of our extreme personality tendencies, we actually have the choice to move back to our centered tendencies as soon as possible. Our centered tendencies reflect the best of us, our strengths, talents, gifts, wisdom, love, compassion, etc.

If the world you see seems difficult and somewhat insane, it is the result of perceiving your life or situation through an extreme set of limiting beliefs. Remember limiting beliefs never work for your good. To experience the world differently, you must be willing to move from seeing the world through lenses of your extreme color personality tendencies back to your centered color personality tendencies, where every situation looks clearer, more hopeful and easier to handle. Your ability to move back to your center can be greatly enhanced by strengthening your emotional intelligence.

In your center you can allow the limiting and negative messages of your past to be hushed, where they are no longer screaming at you. You can expand your clarity, understanding, resourcefulness, and sense of being present. Your fear and frustration will begin to diminish and a more hopeful path will open before you. To learn more about your personal and professional color blend of personality tendencies, I highly recommend that you invest in yourself by taking the Primary Colors Personality Tests and Insight Tools. There are six tests, each with results that will enlighten you to who you are and why? Taking the tests is easy and fun and you can do it easily from your computer, tablet or phone. Your results remain in your account for you to easily refer to. When you gain greater insight into who you are in both your centered and extreme personality tendencies in different contexts in your life, and discover if you have built your value structure on strength or warmth and what that means, and learn more about how you handle stress and rage, you will be so much better equipped to make extraordinary choices and decisions about your life.

Dawn L. Billings is a serial entrepreneur, inventor, and author of over 15 books on Relationships, Parenting and Entitlement and is a relationship, communication and personality-expert who is the author and architect of the programs and the Primary Colors Relationship Personality Tests and Insight Tools.

Dawn was selected as one of the nation's emerging women leaders by Oprah Magazine and The White House Project in 2008, and one of "15 Women of Achievement" by the Georgia YWCA.

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