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8 Traits of a Blissful Marriage

8 traits of a blissful marriage

Have you ever wondered what are the traits of a blissful marriage. Well in the video and article below we will consider eight of the most important traits that fortify and strengthen relationships over time.

  1. Respect for one another Respect is defined as a feeling of deep admiration for someone or something elicited by their abilities, qualities, or achievements. We all want to be treated with respect, but no where is it more important that in a relationship. But some people do not realize that respect is earned by the choices we make. It is not an entitlement. No ones owes us respect. Do you make choices and act in ways that are worthy of respect? What are the things about you that you respect most? What do you respect most about your partner?

  2. Address issues lovingly, without defensiveness. When couple's can communicate lovingly and without defensiveness, they can tackle difficult topics without worrying that the conversation will turn into a yelling match. Good communication is vitally important in maintaining our relationships. Be aware of the tone of voice you use. Be aware of your word choices. Stay away from phrases like "You always", or "You never". They will cause your partner to feel attacked.

  3. Respect for each other's interests and space. Each of us has our unique personality, interests and needs for space. Some personalities require a great deal of private time to think and recharge, whereas other personalities don't need much alone time at all. Do you truly understand your partner's core personality tendencies? Do you understand your own? If not take the time to discover what color personality tendencies you use to color your world.

  4. Accept and consistently appreciate each other. All humans want to be accepted and appreciated, but for some, appreciation falls more in the NEED category. Some people crave appreciation and work very hard to please others. If your partner craves appreciation go ahead and give it to them. Appreciation costs nothing and yet the emotional dividends it pays are enormous. When we remind ourselves to look for things to be appreciative of we fight the death hold that entitlement can have on our lives and relationships.

  5. Work to keep the passion and romance alive. At first it is easy to be overwhelmed with the passion and romance of a new relationship, but those intense and exciting feelings can be difficult to maintain.

  6. Love one another and laugh together often. Laughter is the best medicine, especially when it comes to greasing the wheels of relationships. Too often we can get caught up in taking life too seriously. We make mountains our of mole hills and forget to enjoy and laugh with each other in the face of life's challenges. There are amazing benefits that come with laughter. Laughter helps you breathe from your diaphragm and is very good for your body because it releases pent us stress and tension.

  7. Avoid ruts and boredom in their marriage. Avoiding ruts and boredom in our relationships is easier said than done. As humans we are naturally geared toward acclimating and adapting. I call it the Maui Syndrome.

  8. Face problems together as a team. Too often we find ourselves at odds with each other when problems arise. It is so important to learn to face our problems as a team, united to find the best solution to the issue at hand. Do you allow life's challenges to put you at odds with your partner. Do you find that you don't feel united in facing challenges. Some of this is habit. Whenever you are facing a challenge, take your partner's hand, have both of you turn to face your challenge so that both of you are facing the challenge together. I know it seems a bit silly, but the very symbolism of the two of you looking at your problem together can make all the difference in the world.

amazing benefits of joy and laughter

Relationship and personality expert Dawn Billings is the Executive Director of the luxury in Arizona where she helps couples once again, find their bliss. Dawn is the founder of, and author of the comprehensive ONLINE relationship programs called

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