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How a luxury Couples Retreat Can Save Your Marriage

Updated: Apr 14, 2022

Have you ever wondered how you can love your spouse or partner but feel insecure, unsafe or unhappy at the same time? Do you feel as though your self-confidence is dwindling before your eyes and what used to feel like a great relationship, now feels like it is filled with struggles? Or you feel your partner went from wonderful to impossible?

Have you tried to talk about, and fix your relationship problems but before you even realize it you find yourselves locked into the same old patterns of frustration, anger, avoidance or completely ineffective communication? Now you don't know how to resolve conflict without it becoming a yelling match.

Do you wonder if your relationship is unhealthy because you spend more time arguing, avoiding or blaming one another than you do turning to one another for solutions and support? Do you long to nurture a stronger, deeper connection with your partner, but everything you try seems to take you in the opposite direction. Do you feel stuck, and haven’t the first clue as to what you can do to change existing negative reactions and destructive auto-pilot behaviors? Are you wondering why people fall out of love? Or maybe you feel taken for granted and unappreciated?

Perhaps you have tried traditional marriage counseling before but found it expensive and you didn’t feel that you received the expert support and practical, easy to implement skills you needed to address your specific problems, or you actually felt like you were paying someone to listen to you argue. You want to learn how to handle your out of control feelings and find relief from the anxiety you feel.

Is it even worse than that, and you find yourself at a crisis point in your marriage. You have discovered, or have been involved in an affair or other betrayal, and need “emergency love and life support” to restore trust and connection. Are you struggling to forgive a betrayal because it hurts so much? Have you talked about separation or divorce, but you really want to make sure you have tried everything to save your marriage before you give up completely? Do you want to understand how relationships begin to die?

If you nodded your head as you read these questions, you are in the right place to find answers you need. The Relationship Help Resort offers a private two-day couples intensive where you will learn to understand YOU and your partner in much deeper and insightful ways. This program is built on the Primary Colors Relationship Help Tests and Insight Tools, used by relationship research experts throughout churches, government family programs, even the military. The intensives are led by personality and relationship expert Dawn Billings with over 45 years of experience and expertise.

You will enjoy a luxury resort experience, but your private intensive will provide you will all of the education, insight and hope for a brighter future with your partner. Attend and allow the intensive to breathe new life into YOU and your relationship.

Dawn Billings is the author of 15 books and hundreds of articles and is the founder of Dawn is the author of a comprehensive ONLINE relationship course designed to take only five to ten minutes a day and provide you all the answers you need to strengthen and heal your relationship.

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