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How YOUR Color Personality Tendencies Spice Up Your Life

by Dawn Billings, author and architect of Primary Colors Personality Tests

Below is a breakdown of how each of the six personality color tendencies of the Primary Colors Relationship Personality Tests add spice to your personality color blend.

Centered red color personality tendencies are necessary for generals, surgeons, olympic athletes, anyone who needs confidence in their abilities to make decisions and get things done. This color spice brings with it courage, determination, honor and duty.

But red extreme tendencies frighten and intimidate people. In the extreme red tendencies can become bullies who have no patience. They can yell, snap, dismiss and insult you, all because you are not doing what they told you to do when they told you to do it.

Centered purple color tendencies bring natural abilities to organize and manage projects and events. If you really want something done in the most efficient and effective way it can be done, centered purple personality tendencies help you do it.

But in their extremes, people with purple color personality tendencies can prioritize projects over people. They scorn people bringing feelings into a situation where they don't belong. They prefer work and what they can accomplish over just about anything else, even their relationships. They can believe that the rules are most important and they can be enforcers of what they believe are the rules. They have recently been called "Karens". The people who believe they are qualified to tell others how the world should be run.

Centered blue personality tendencies add a more problem solving, logical analytic way of approaching life and situations. Blue personality tendencies bring a genius that find solutions for the most difficult problems in life.

But add extreme blue personality tendencies and watch out for the judgment ahead. In their extremes people with blue color personality tendencies can look down on others. You can feel their disapproval from across the room. They can cause you to feel small with a roll of their eyes. Because people with blue color personality tendencies are usually quite bright, in their extremes they can become arrogant and even demeaning.

When you add centered green color personality tendencies to any color blend you add a fairness imperative. People with centered green color personality tendencies delight in efforts to leave a legacy and make a difference. They are wonderful volunteers and care deeply about the state of affairs in the world.

However when green color personality tendencies move into their extremes, they can poison what is best and most balanced about centered green tendencies. People who are living out of the extreme green color influence can easily become dogmatic, radical extremist who have NO tolerance for people who think differently than they do. This is so very sad because green centered personality tendencies make the world a better place to live, while green extreme personality tendencies turn the world into an angry, hostile version of itself.

When you add centered yellow personality tendencies to any color blend you add heart. People with centered yellow color personality tendencies bring compassion to life. They foster inclusiveness, kindness, consideration for others and desire to serve and uplift others.

But in their extremes, people with yellow color personality tendencies can become whiny, anxious victims who become passive-aggressive martyrs.

Add in centered orange color personality tendencies and you add fun, excitement and an enthusiasm for adventure. Adding in centered orange tendencies motivates people to want to entertain and be the center of attention and others simply love their joi de vivre. These people are always the first to be invited to a party.

But in their extremes, people with orange color personality tendencies can cut others to ribbons with their sarcastic wit. Addictive, self-consumed, impulsive, risk taking behaviors all accompany extreme orange personality tendencies.

Relationship expert Dawn L. Billings is the author and architect of the Primary Colors Relationship Personality Tests and Insight Tools licensed and widely used by relationship experts around the nation.

Dawn is the founder of and the creator of the comprehensive ONLINE Dawn is the executive director of the in Arizona where she hosts private couples retreats to help people strengthen and heal their broken relationships.

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